Red Bull Nästa Nivå 2020
Red Bull Nästa Nivå is an internet series that guides future artists under the mentorship 
of the country's hottest artists in hip hop and R&B. This year it's curated by 
New Black and directed and edited by ofbendz. 

Our first task within the project was to direct a trailer that launched the entire project. 

This year the series is featuring the artists Fricky, Jelassi, Guleed and Dree Low who will be coaching one talent each with their own producers. The talent, got chosen by first sending a video application and then performing at the audition. 
The audition resulted in a three-part prologue series that we directed and edited:
After the four talents were chosen. We we're suppose to set off to South Africa to film the series, but due to the Corona-virus, we couldn't leave the country and had to relocate to Stockholm, Sweden. What followed was four episodes which was the main series. Directed and edited by us.

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